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Traditional Auto Body Shop vs. Paintless Dent Repair… Who’s the Best?

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Paintless dent removal has been in use now for over a decade now and it’s still growing in popularity across the country… but is it the best way to repair your car and protect your investment? You’re probably asking yourself what’s the difference between a Traditional Auto Body Shop and a Paintless Dent Repair facility? Well there is a huge difference. Making the wrong choice could leave you paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.

A traditional auto body shop like Colorado Customs & Collision, has a long-standing relationship with the community and hires only trained professional auto body technicians. Whereas a paint less dent repair facility sub-contracts seasonal workers that travel around the country chasing hail storms and work out of pop-up tents or buildings with a short-term lease. A paintless dent repair can turn a car around within 24-hours, which seems like a great choice for the working professional or mom on the go, but you may be jeopardizing the quality of the work done on your vehicle.

Both traditional auto body shops and paintless dent repair companies work with insurance companies, but only a traditional auto body shop can offer you a warranty or guarantee on the quality of work provided.

Six months down the road you’re out of storm season and you notice a crack in your paint job that was caused by your paintless dent repair facility, but the majority of the storm damage has been repaired and the paintless dent repair company is long gone. You can’t go to your insurance company to fix the cracked paint because they have already paid you out on the claim, so you’ll ultimately wind up at a traditional auto body shop anyway. Only a traditional body shop can paint a vehicle.

We have seen a lot bad body work come through our shop that was originally repaired at a paintless dent facility. Just the other day a lady came into the shop because she noticed some issues with her car’s body that had recently been repaired by a paintless dent repair company. Paint less dent repair companies do not paint cars and was subcontract out to another shop and they did a subpar job. The end result is that we found materials under the body of the car used to repair the car that are not traditionally used to repair cars, which resulted in a $13K out of pocket repair job to fix the damage the paintless dent repair shop created.

I wrote this blog because we care about the quality of our services and offer a warranty on the work we perform. So next time a storm damages your vehicle, I suggest taking your vehicle to a traditional body shop from the start and only working with trained auto body professionals in your local community.

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